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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rouge Wave Scene Competition

It's the dog days of summer and many writers are in the doldrums as they await competition results. Summer is waning, a strike is looming and inspiration is low. But Wavers, you must keep writing. How often is too often to say: it's a numbers game. Be generating material at all times. So as a little shot in the arm, the Wave-inatrix dangles a small competition out there for interested Rouge Wavers.

Write a half-page scene which includes: Cosmetics, an aging movie star and a soup commercial. Choose a genre. Make it funny, make it scary, make it poignant - heck, make it ON GOLDEN POND but you have only 1/2 page to do so. And here's the fun part: you must include the words whiskey, tango and foxtrot somewhere in the short scene.

The Wave-inatrix will choose the top three scenes, post them and we shall collectively vote.

The winner receives a $25 gift certificate for either the Landmark Theaters, AMC or California Pizza Kitchen (winner's choice) and 25% discount on any Script Whisperer service (winner must take advantage by August 31st).

Deadline to submit: Monday, August 6th

Submit HERE

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