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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Trailers: The Experts Speak

Hello, Wavers! I tell ya, it's a good feeling when TRW has a profile such that I get emails and requests from industry professionals. Just the other day, a young man working with a massively successful producer* called, asking for scripts that I think are great for possible new projects. It was fun going through my client list and pitching projects that I think might be a fit. Talk about pitching on the fly! It's easier when it's not your own material, lemme tell ya. When it's you, you look like Albert Brooks in BROADCAST NEWS...

*...and I mean massively successful. Usually when people give me a name and say they are successful or well known, I roll my eyes a little - yeah, right. But I pulled up this guy's information on Studio System while we were on the phone and almost choked on my afternoon espresso shot.

So anyway, I heard from IFC about a follow-up to their post about the top 50 best movie trailers of all time and thought I'd link that here today for your enjoyment.


When we humbly submitted our list of the 50 Greatest Movie Trailers the other week, we knew it would be controversial. There was internal debate about old versus new, blockbusters versus low-budget films, comedies versus dramas, teasers versus full-length trailers...and at the end of the day, we agree with Dan Asma, who defined a great trailer as one that leaves an audience saying to themselves, "whoa, I've got to see this movie."

Click HERE to read the rest!

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