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Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's the Little Things

So the other day I was felled by a spider. A tiny, unseen spider bit me and three days, two doctors and six medications later, I am beginning to feel better. Who knew that such a tiny little being could wreak such havoc? I am sad to report that I have no super powers but I sure am humbled. I am also reminded that we writers need to look sky high but also beneath every rock and pebble for our story ideas; what started as a simple spider bite could become a thriller, horror or even a romcom, couldn't it? What chain of events might be set off by something so seemingly insignificant?

I am also humbled by the success of my teleclass and by the great questions asked by listeners. The feedback I have received has been nothing but positive and I am certainly inspired to schedule more teleclasses covering all sorts of screenwriting topics of interest. One idea I had was to feature a guest who is "That Guy" - a screenwriter who is doing everything right and who is about to break in - wouldn't it be interesting to learn from one of your peers about how to more effectively network, or how many hours a day you should be writing or what events or infolists you may be missing out on? I am open to suggestions - what topics are you interested in?

Last week's teleclass will be converted to an MP3 and available for purchase later in August when I reveal my new micro-site, to which The Rouge Wave will be migrating. What the what? Did you read that right? Yes, you did. TRW will be migrating to a different address come this fall. I'm very excited; the blog will have more to offer and a whole new look. Elves are working day and night to make the transition a smooth one. No need to worry or do anything different; this URL will have a redirect.

In the meantime, here is a website that I've known about for awhile but neglected to post here on TRW. Jeff Gund's infolist is just chock-a-block with great information so take your time and really look this site over for class and job listings that may be of interest. One does need to keep abreast of such things, right?

Have a lovely weekend, Wavers, and please, avoid those arachnid cousins of ours - they are just plain cranky enough to bite and it's no fun, believe you me.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no!

I've been bitten by a spider too, it was a white-tail (it's not deadly, but it can cause your flesh to rot! Why is everything in Australia so poisonous and nasty? Even platypus' can poison you.) anyway, it bit me on the belly, while I was in bed, and it turns out I had no allergy to the poison, I didn't have a reaction. I do get a tingling sensation when there's danger around now though.

I don't think I'll get a story out of my spider bite episode, unless Disney want a story about a down and out white tail spider who's lost faith in his ability to rot flesh. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and if you can, hunt down a song by bill Bailey called "human slaves in an insect nation". Might help recocile you differences with insect kind. It's on YouTube.

Julie Gray said...

LOL Dickie - if I were Disney, I'd buy your story outright :)

Anthony Peterson said...

Not everything in Australia is poisonous. We've had a long stretch of dry weather in Canberra and its not uncommon to see kangaroos on school ovals and people's front yards!

Loved the teleclass by the way - thank you Julie.

Joe Public said...

Did you at lest bite it back?

Joe Public said...

should know better than to blog after being up for 24.

At least!

Feel better...guess this gives new meaning to your "website."

Trina0623 said...

Yikes... sorry to hear about your ordeal Julie. My sister got bit by a brown recluse spider in Texas and almost died from it. I think there might have been some medication reaction issues though too. She had a near death experience too, which was way cool and I'm a little jealous, but I won't go seeking one myself.

You are so right... who knows how lives could be changed from something like that? You meet someone you would never have met otherwise and a whole chain of events is triggered.

New site and more tele-classes sounds exciting! I would love to hear from the writer you mentioned and any baby writers who have just had their first option or sale. Everyone loves a good breaking in story.