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Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome Back Everybody!

Hello, Rouge Wavers! Hope your Labor Day Holiday was a good one. And for those international Rouge Wavers (of which there is a shockingly heartening number) thanks for putting up with us Yanks and yet another of our 3-day holidays. Wavers living in Los Angeles are more Rouge than usual at the moment, being that we are under the mighty hand of quite a heat wave. Verily, it has been unbearable.

The Wave-inatrix was lucky enough to attend the nuptials of a dear friend and colleague in Santa Barbara over the holiday weekend and during the reception had a most delightful conversation with a New York-based Manager/Producer who is looking for fresh writing and new faces. We chatted about the risk-averse studios and how newer writers are squeezed out by the culture of fear and loathing. I was so cheered by this wonderful business woman's attitude of thinking outside the box both in terms of financing and in terms of story. Not to mention her passionate belief that there is a wealth of undiscovered material out there waiting to be found. We agreed that the Wave-inatrix will, when she can, be a source of promising writers and material. So high-five Wavers - the Wave-inatrix has got your back.

Important for Rouge Wavers is the knowledge that yes, there are executives, producers and managers who are aware the Hollywood system is not one in which new writers and new voices can thrive. They know you're out there - they just can't find you. So keep writing, Wavers, keep writing, keep believing, keep submitting and keep trying those competitions.

Here's to thinking outside the box!

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Fun Joel said...

Just to piggy back on that, you might want to also read this post over at my blog:

Geena said...

Rather than learn how to pitch better, I would like to find a class ( longer than an hour )
Where an experienced producer teaches the concept, premise, outline necessary for an investment.
Something on the order of a producer takes 5 examples of scripts and demonstrates his\her
thinking to bring it down to one.
What makes an actor\actress read a script and say "I want to be this character for all the world to see"
I heard Bob Gosberg at Expo, that's helpful. But his take was all in the logline.

Why spend a 1000 hours writing a story that is unmarketable?
I would rather have a solid grasp for what story lines will hold true interest
( not polite interest ) from a producer\investor in todays market.
Sure I can read Done Deal, but that is often the elite 200, or graphic novel, or the
latest Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey project.

A good pitch of a bad premise is a loosing pitch.
I want to get a read with momentum on the premise.

I have heard when the elite 200 speak on ideas, but for them
anything gets read. Example - at Pitchfest someone spoke on his latest sale
of a killer granny horror story. I don't think that will get me very far.

Christian M. Howell said...

SO does that mean we should you send you scripts for forwarding?

I hope...

Julie Gray said...

As is the nature of these things, Christian, I would have to have read your script first and absolutely fallen head over heels with it before I would pass it on to a business associate. It's my reputation on the line dontcha know.