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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lots in Store

Hello Rouge Wavers! Things have been extremely busy at the Script Whisperer and the Wave-inatrix hasn't had the time to devote to the Rouge Wave that I would like. But all that will be changing and soon. I have blog posts coming up about: visual juxtaposition, deus ex machina and backstory inference. And I have some blog posts coming up from my two new partners at the Script Whisperer, Margaux Outhred and Andrew Zinnes.

As a sidenote: The Script Whisperer and the Rouge Wave will have the coolest booth at the Creative Screenwriting Expo so if you're planning to attend, drop by and say hello!

There are all sorts of ideas for the Rouge Wave to make it a great screenwriting destination for all y'all. We will definitely have more competitions too. And never fear - the Wave-inatrix has an inexhaustible store of funny stories, embarrassing things I have done (and I mean inexhaustible!) and malaprops to give you a chuckle. Not to mention the motivation, success stories and fascinating guest blogs. So stay tuned!

p.s. a couple of saucy Rouge Wavers have posted some darn good questions regarding earlier posts. Your wish is my command. Answers are on the way and shall be posted for all to see.

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