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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Hello, Wavers. Is everybody geared up to watch the Academy Awards? Here's an item of interest that I thought might make a fun opportunity:

Little Bird Productions here in LA is looking for one-act plays between 10 and 20 pages with four characters max and minimal sets. They say dramatic or comedic is fine but they've found that dramedy seems to work out the best. Scripts can be sent as PDF, Word or Final Draft and must be received by March 22nd. Ostensibly, from what I'm reading here in the South Hollywood News, which is where I found this item, LBP then produces a show called Mixtape, which is a showcase, of kinds, of these one-act plays. They have been producing Mixtape since November 2007 and the show sells out. They say "It will be amazing exposure for new writers, as several up-and-coming writers, directors, producers, top literary and theatrical agents, and industry heavy-weights have become fans of this flock of birds and are sure to be in attendance again." I cannot vouch for this event or organization personally but it sounds like a pretty neat opportunity to me. If you'd like more information, email and find out more.

And then we move onto an observation. And that is that it is weird living in Los Angeles during big events like the Academy Awards. This is such a company town; everywhere you look during the past week, evidence of tonight's broadcast has been abundant. More celebrity sightings, as celebrities are in town for the event, more blocked off parking, more helicopters, more trucks and rigs and gear around the Kodak Theater and limousines at every intersection - it's like living in a small town the week before the Big RiverDaze Parade and Barbecue. And today, even if it is a bit grey outside, there is an air of anticipation. Everybody is scurrying out to buy food and booze before the broadcast begins. Don't even THINK ABOUT driving across town anywhere near Hollywood starting yesterday. I am expecting several friends over this afternoon for the broadcast and one can't make it because he lives so near the Kodak that he literally can't get out of his neighborhood. So, nothing wise or profound to say today except that it's just - it's weird living in this town sometimes. I've lived here for almost exactly six years and there's no denying the singularity of the experience. Sometimes living at the ground zero of the global entertainment machine is really energizing and exciting and sometimes it's oppressive and a little depressing. Depends on which day you catch me. Sometimes I'd give my right arm to just walk down the street and meet and chat with only carp fisherman and librarians. A little perspective would be nice once in awhile. But that's why God made vacations.

In the meantime - who has found time to write this weekend? Anyone? I am going to sheepishly raise my hand and admit that I didn't. But guess what - solidarity, people - I am hereby quite publically going to put myself on the line and take one for the team. I have a bunch of people arriving in four hours but that gives me easily two hours during which I could go write. So I'm packing up my computer and heading over to Canters for some soup and writing time. Literally. Off I go. Check your Google Earth - I'll wave.

Enjoy the afternoon and evening and I'll check back in with everybody tomorrow.

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Mike Scherer said...


Today: four hours == six pages.

I wrote the scenes out in long hand, then transfered them to Final Draft.

Keep Writing!

E.C. Henry said...

Ha Mike, today 4 hours, 9 pages! Though I worked off notes and index cards and typed 1st draft into Final Draft. Still, at least we did it. Wish I could buy ya a beer, but then again I don't even know for sure if your old and tall enough to reach the bar. (joke) Glad you made some progress on your story.

- (smiley face) from Bonney Lake, WA

Luzid said...

Heh, I moved near Hollywood/Highland (Yucca Street) in '99 -- the day THE PHANTOM MENACE opened at the Chinese.


Moved out of Hollywood proper a year later, but will always remember the awards season and walking past a mix of rich and poor, celebrities and crappy tourist shops (this was before they renovated the area). Crazy and amazing.

Got my writing in last night, regular as clockwork. I hate not writing, so I always get it in -- rain or shine.

(Wait, I write inside...)

Mike said...

Hi all,

Great job guys!

This week-end I introduced myself to and digested parts of Dramatica = 6 hours. Does that count?

Ok, no, I know it doesn't.

Writing-wise, 5 hours = 2 pages. Blech. However, the time spent ruminating allowed the major sequences of my 3rd and 4th acts to finally click into place in my brain; also the 4th act reversal revealed itself while I was at the gym... So I'm happy with that!

PJ McIlvaine said...

Don't feel bad. While I didn't physically write---mentally, my mind was writing a mile a minute.

Milli Thornton said...

Became saturated with the research for my script so I had a couple of spare hours before the Oscars. My husband turned on the Turner classic movies channel and was half-watching something to kill the time when I walked in and said, "How PERFECT!"

Sunset Boulevard starring Gloria Swanson as the aging movie queen who has written a script that stinks (Cecil B. DeMille, playing himself, lies by omission to avoid offending her) and William Holden as the debt-ridden screenwriter turned gigolo and script doctor ... with a sub-plot romance involving Holden and a sweet, young studio reader (who of course is named Betty) writing a screenplay in her spare time.

It was so fun to see the shingle for the readers department hung on a back building at Paramount.