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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bulletin Board Items

Item: Congratulations to Mike Perri for his winning logline, The Sailor. Mike will be donating his $25 winnings to a local animal shelter here in Los Angeles.

Item: Saw Coraline last evening (pronounced: cora-LINE) and forgot it's in 3-D. Wild, wacky, trippy and brain-melty. Plus it's very fun to turn around and see everybody in those goofy 3-D glasses. For that reason alone, you should go see it. Felt longer than it really was. Very Lewis Carroll, not for everybody.

Item: I reckon I get 50+ emails on a daily basis. Per the pinging blog post, no hard feelings if it takes a while to hear from me.

Item: The Silver Screenwriting Competition is getting ready to open its doors on March 1 so if you're thinking of entering this year, get ready to rock it. Final deadline is May 1st so you have some time but the early bird gets the discount if you submit by March 15th.

Check out the grand prize:

  • MacBook Air*
  • iPhone
  • Round trip flight to Los Angeles
  • 3 nights accommodations at the London Hotel on the Sunset Strip, home of chef Gordon Ramsay's newest restaurant
  • A day of meetings with 3 managers
  • Cocktails at the Chateau Marmont with The Script Department
  • Lunch at the Ivy with a TBA A-list screenwriter
  • $750 in cash
*or cash equivalent if you're an IBM aficionado.

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VisitorX said...

Congratulations, Mike Perri! Well done.

Thanks again, Julie for having this competition.


ditty said...

Well done, Mike! And super cool on the donation. That wouldn't have even occurred to me, so I'm glad you won. :-) And thanks to Julie, too, of course!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I worked on Coraline. Was that a thumps up for the film from Julie?

Julie Gray said...

@Phil - very cool! I liked it A LOT; it melted my brain a little though; it's very rich like chocolate, chocolate fudge cake. With extra fudge inside. :)

Luzid said...

Mike, that is wonderful. I'm glad to see that kind of compassion.