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Friday, November 7, 2008

Short Scene Competition

All right Wavers, I think it's time for another Rouge Wave Short Scene Competition. Here are the keywords:


Write a one page short scene which includes the keywords, above. Put the words in context, and make it creative and clever. The words should be key in the scenes, not just a passing inclusion. Don't just slot them in there somewhere. Genre doesn't matter, just keep it to one page.

Please turn your short scenes in by Friday, November 14th at 12am Pacific Time. I will select the top three and post them here for voting on Monday, November 17th.

As always, a $25 gift certificate to a vendor of your choice: Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

Entry Fee:
Don't be silly. But someday, in order to offer bigger, better prizes, we may all kick in ten bucks or something. That's just a tba thought.

Submit your scene HERE.

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1 comment:

Seth Fortin said...

New scene comp -- woot!