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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super Mentor Class!

My good friend Marc Zicree has a very cool SuperMentors class that he and his wife Elaine host from time to time and I wanted to highlight the class here on the Rouge Wave in case there are any locals who might be interested in the class. Class size is limited, so be in touch with Marc ASAP if you are interested!


The Six-Week Intensive in West Hollywood starts Wednesday at 7 PM, October 29, 2008, and there are only a few slots left. The Teleconference Six-Week Intensive starts Monday November 3, 2008, and takes place in the evening to accommodate the schedules of our students around the globe.

Just added is an incredible BONUS SESSION for the writers, actors, directors and producers who sign up for either our in-person Six-Week Intensive in West Hollywood, or the Six-Week Teleconference Intensive.

Each class is limited to just ten students.

For this special Bonus Session, we are initiating a first, by having the phenomenally successful and powerful Industry movers and shakers in our current Advanced Class actually meet with and advise you personally. These include:

• The Writer-Director-Actor who not only has had great roles on such hits as MONK and CRIMINAL MINDS in the last few months but also shot an entire feature in one day, won tons of awards with it and so impressed a major network exec that he is personally walking his next script into Focus Features!

• The Powerhouse Producer who has made seven features, set up co-productions with the UK, Australia and Spain, worked on LETHAL WEAPON 4 and A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN and is currently setting up a bidding war between three networks for her next mega-hit TV show!

• The Star of three network series, numerous features and MOWs!

• The former Network Senior VP turned multi-feature producer!

• The Writer-Director-Producer with dozens of award-winning films and music videos under his belt!

• The Producer whose last film just landed a deal at Showtime & whose new film is being packaged at CAA!

• The Writer-Director alumnus of the Sundance Writers and Directors Labs and the Disney Fellowship who has sold hot feature scripts to Fox and Lions Gate and is now setting up financing for her two new features with major talent attached!

And more!
Each class is just $599 (discounted from $799 with this notice), and you can pay via credit card on Paypal by logging onto and indicating you want to pay Or you can mail a check to Marc Zicree at
7521 W. Norton Ave. #8, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

Feel free to email us at or call (323) 363-1259 with any questions.

(The Zicrees are also available to read scripts and consult individually. Call (323) 363-1259 for more info.)


Writer-Producer KAI SOREMEKUN: “Since taking their class I was selected out o f 12,000 submissions to be one of fifty semi-finalists chosen by Steven Spielberg to compete in his reality series ON THE LOT, which aired on FOX, and as a result I received a first look deal with Dreamworks. Marc and Elaine are worth every penny and more.”

DAMON LINDELOF (co-creator & showrunner of LOST): “I've known Marc for several years now, and aside from his Hugo Awards and Encyclopedic Knowledge of pretty much every sci-fi and genre story written or broadcast in the last century, I also consider him a genuine writing talent. Not to mention, he is an absolute pleasure as a human being, which is no small thing in a writer's room.”

Actor TOM KATSIS: "When I took the Supermentors class, Marc and Elaine made me realize that booking small under-five roles didn't really showcase my talent. Within that same year, I co-produced and starred in a short that allowed me to play a part that would have taken me years to bag going through the casting process. This short film has garnered great reviews from industry players and is opening new doors for me. Thank you, Marc and Elaine!”

Actor-Writer-Producer JAI KHALSA: “THANK YOU BOTH so much! I'm eternally grateful to you for continuing to do what you do so well, mentoring people in all facets of the Industry. I have to admit, the absolute simplicity of your tools can be a little overwhelming at times. I find myself saying ‘Really? T hat's all I need to do? Okay!!’ Once the surprise wears off, it's great. :)”

RAY BRADBURY: “Marc Zicree is amazing!”

Writer JIM TROESH: “In the 18 months since taking their class, I won the ABC/Disney Scholarship and am developing a pilot with a vice president at ABC. If that was not enough, I was hired to write two feature screenplays, both of which are now in the pipeline to production. Thanks, Marc and Elaine!”

Writer BRYCE FULLER: "As a direct result of their mentorship, I achieved the following: Assistant position to prominent Director; Full Time employment in Story Development Department at a Fox 2000 based production company; Achieved goal of getting one of my screenplays optioned. The enthusiasm and creativity of the Zicrees put them at the top of my list for mentorship!"

Producer NANCY FULTON: "With techniques taught by the Zicrees, I produced four documentaries in 3 years and am now producing an independent feature film. The Zicrees have launched, supported and salvaged thousands of careers . . . including mine."

CLIFF GALBRAITH: "I believe I was never more inspired or productive than during and directly following my lessons with Marc and Elaine. If you want to sell a script, direct a film, produce a television show or make it as an actor, RUN, do not walk to sign up for the Supermentors class."

Casting Director20PIXIE MONROE: “Marc and Elaine have skillfully mentored and molded the careers of many of the finest Industry Professionals in Hollywood and provided them with a wonderful forum to network, grow creatively and reach new heights in the careers!”

Actress-Producer Barbara Kerr Condon: “Because I took their counsel to heart, I began producing my own projects instead of waiting for someone else to hire me. I am now in the process of producing and starring in my third film project! See you at the movies!”

Writer MICHAEL T. MOORE: “Marc and Elaine have really shown me how to think about my career in a different way, and how to break down a seemingly unachievable goal into smaller, achievable steps. I recently sold my first story to the television show MEDIUM!”

Author, Actor and Screenwriter DEREK RYDALL: "Not only did their coaching take a wrecking ball to many of my limited beliefs, it gave me the tools and tenacity to get a two-book deal and another script optioned!”

Actor MIKE OLIFIERS: "Before I took their class, I thought there were all these rules that stopped me dead. Thanks to them, I found how to make myself stand out and punch through to the career I dreamed of. I got personal meetings with top showrunners and landed major roles on shows such as NYPD BLUE. One day of work on BRUCE ALMIGHTY turned into three weeks of shooting. Now I' m sitting in the front row at the premiere!"

Bestselling Author STEVEN-ELLIOT ALTMAN: "When Marc and Elaine took me under their wing, I was green, fresh from New York and without a single Industry contact. With their guidance, I pitched my unsold novel as a TV and movie project twenty-three times in five days, ending up with NINE offers from major companies and the heat that sold the novel as a Columbia-Tristar/TNT pilot, with myself attached as writer and producer!"

Writer and former Minority Leader of the South Dakota House of Representatives VINCE GREEN: “Despite having published two courtroom novels and having a script optioned by DreamWorks, I couldn’t figure out how to open the right doors to take the next step in my career. Thanks to Marc and Elaine’s class I made a break through. I got NCIS and LAW & ORDER to consider me for a writing position and now have a manager. None of this would have been possible without Marc and Elaine’s class.”

Actor-Writer MICK PRESTON: "I've been acting for about 11 years and had absolutely no luck in meeting the people I'd been targeting. With the Zicrees' coaching, we formulated a plan to reach those people more effectively. The next day, I made 20 calls. By week 6, I had set up appointments with 16 MAJOR industry people. I had about an 80% success rate!"

JIM DUNN AND SAM ERNST: "Since we took your seminar we’ve e managed to put the insights we picked up from you to good use. We've now sold 3 screenplays on top of the one we had optioned when we met you, all without an agent. Better yet, we pitched an idea that got one producer so excited it's not only getting made, we're directing it!"

Director & 1st A.D. MARTY ELCAN (SIX FEET UNDER): “Marc and Elaine think outside the box, around the box, through the box, and sometimes even throw out the box altogether!”

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Did everyone who competed on "On The Lot" get a first look deal with Dreamworks?