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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is It Wrong to Have So Much Fun?

I gotta say - I am enjoying Hilary's visit at least as much as she is. Just back from lunch at Paramount with Hilary and my Script Department partners, Margaux and Andrew. Hilary arrived early and toured the set of Privileged with Margaux.

I'd never been on the Paramount lot before - WOW. Having driven past it a million times I must admit I was disappointed not to find any Oompa Loompas or a chocolate river. Whatever, man. We had lunch in the fancy dining room, punctuated by the tinkle of glasses and soft conversation. We sat near Tony Shalhoub - wow, he is very handsome in person! I tried to catch his eye multiple times and even said one of his lines from GALAXY QUEST but he didn't notice me.

Later on today we meet David Arata, one of the Academy Award nominated writers of CHILDREN OF MEN. That is going to be very thrilling for both Hilary and I. And of course we had a blast with Steve Faber yesterday evening. Steve is one of my dearest friends and never, ever, ever fails to completely delight me. He was so kind to read Hilary's script, take us to dinner and download Hilary with a ton of useful information. He even offered to set Hilary up at a meeting with his agent at ICM, as well as his entertainment attorney. Hilary was over the moon!

Drinks with Blake Snyder on Tuesday night was lovely. The Chateau Marmont is THE place to be, judging from the trendy crowd and their crab/artichoke dip was to die for. And of course Blake - if there is a more genteel, intelligent, generous man out there, I'd like to meet him

I'm so proud that our idea to give the grand prize winner of our competition an unforgettable experience has turned out so beautifully. Hilary is knocking 'em dead in her meetings; we're getting great feedback. And I'm having fun too. I've gotten to spend quite a bit of time with Hilary and she is delightful; smart, a talented writer and loving her experience. We must be doing something right because this is just so fun. I can't wait to squire around next year's winner too, and the year after that. How many people get to love their jobs as much as I do? I am so lucky and I never forget it. Even if there is no chocolate river at Paramount. I think I'll write a letter to the groundskeepers!

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E.C. Henry said...

A couple years back at a post Screenwriting Expo event I had the priviledge of visting the Paramount studio. Julie, I tell you the truth; I feel in love! For me just being on the Paramount Studio lot was an electric, pins-and-needles experience, much akin to being in Heaven. Awe, total sense of history and awe. Would have loved to have seen Lynda Obst. THAT would have been the cherry on my cake, maybe next time...

Congradulations once again, Hillary. Sounds like you're making some GREAT inroads in your career. I wish you God's best.


E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

DougJ said...

This whole thing sounds like a Hollywood fantasy camp. I will definitely be giving the contest a shot next year.

just me said...

I think I'd cut off my left pinky for that itinerary.

...Maybe I'd just cut half of it off. I'm afraid of blood. But half is still something. Half a pinky is definitely dedication.

Julie Gray said...

@ Doug - that is a great description; Hollywood Fantasy Camp. I'm tickled pink that Hilary has had such a good time. It has been an amazing week.

Oh and Steve F. wanted me to add that on top of being delightful, generous and smart as hell, he is also unbearably handsome. :)

Chris said...

thanks so much for sharing your amazing experiences, hillary! no doubt further success is just around the corner. i'll keep watching the trades.