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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Rouge Wave Writing Salon

Inspired by a focused day I spent with a writing friend recently, the Wave-inatrix has decided to try something nifty for a select few writers. On May 17th, here in Los Angeles, I will offer a FREE writing salon for exactly four writers.

What we'll do is this: we'll get together at 2pm on Saturday May 17th and have an hour of focused writing group work - we'll check in with each writer to see where they are with their material, what help or input they feel they need, etc. After every writer has gotten some input, we will have a focused hour of quiet writing time (so bring your laptops).

At the end of writing time, and heck, throughout, I and one of my colleagues will answer questions, be your sounding boards and otherwise be there to support you.

I am thinking of offering the Writing Salon twice monthly to writers who want to connect with other writers, get some serious writing done and get the support and feedback they need, live and on the spot.

Again, this is free (for now) and a pilot program. If you don't live in LA but would like to fly out for this, please do. But for now the group is quite limited, since I want every writer to get the attention they need and be able to forge new relationships with other writers.

Email me HEREif you are interested.

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