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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cyber - what?

Rouge Wavers know what a huge fan the W is of UCLA Writer's Program classes, both online and on the ground. I am totally, unabashedly in love with the quality of this program; the instructors are spectacular and I have never been anything short of gratefully amazed whenever I have taken a class. The online classes are quite easy to navigate, too. This from the person who until recently couldn't figure out who to put an accent over a letter and who has no idea how the interweb works. In my defense though, does anybody? Like, really know how all that information travels invisibly through space to show up magically on your computer screen as teeny little words and pictures?

Anyway - so when I received this email from the program today I wanted to be sure and share it with all my Wavers:

This June, save 10% on online courses at the UCLA Extension Writers' Program Cyberhouse: An Online Open House

Enjoy a taste of what it's like to learn online with UCLA Extension and connect with a dynamic writing community. Make plans to log on anytime to the Writers' Program's Cyberhouse: An Online Open House, Monday through Thursday, June 2-5.

Just by logging on to our Cyberhouse, you can meet and chat with more than 30 UCLA Extension online instructors scheduled to teach this summer and get all your questions answered.

Whether you're interested in writing feature films, television dramas, novels, short stories, essays, memoirs, or poetry, come explore your course options and enjoy a 10-percent discount on online course enrollments (some restrictions apply).

Log on to our Cyberhouse to:

  • Meet and chat with more than 30 Writers' Program instructors teaching online this summer
  • Join two live chats scheduled with instructors
    Caroline Leavitt
    and Barney Lichtenstein
  • Ask Writers' Program advisors about online courses and certificate programs
  • Enroll in most summer online courses at a 10-percent discount (advanced courses not included) when you enroll from June 2-5
  • Learn more about the Blackboard format and how easy it is to use
  • Find the writing community you've been looking for!

For more information, visit us online, call the Writers' Program office at (310) 825-9415, or email

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Tyler said...

So are these classes workshop-based with an instructor's guidance? I checked out the course descriptions and it sounds really intriguing...

Julie Gray said...

Hi Tyler - yes, the classes all have instructors who post lectures, review your work and are there for you every step of the way.

Diane Stredicke said...

I too have taken many of the courses online at UCLA. They are the best out there and their online courses are superb.

Especially look for instructors:

Paul Chitlik
John Doolittle
Scott Myers

Just to name a few that were wonderful.

Anonymous said...

How about the UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program? Is that any good?