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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Robotard 8000 REVEALED

Well - THAT didn't take long. All is revealed - or is it? Read all HERE. In the meantime I have received an email from the Robotard thanking me for my interest. This intrepid mystery writer or writers has got a Google Alert, it would seem. What a funny little mystery.

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sanya said...

who knew that the guy who wrote my best friend's wedding and rain man could get so dirty?!

Mac said...

The other articles are funnier:

Agent’s boilerplate response gives eight more writers false hope

and ..

Aspiring screenwriter confuses writer’s block with lack of talent

and the best one ...

Screenwriter way too excited about second cousin getting job at ICM

‘This is just the break I need!’ exclaims irrational hack

Screenwriter Jake Friedman has been unable to land a literary agent for the past six years, a failure he attributes solely to the fact he wasn’t related to anyone in the biz – until now.


Jon-Luke said...

Hmmm on Done Deal Pro the guy/gal calling him/herself the founding member of Therobotard8000 denies being an A-List writer and is going by the username: BattleDolphinZero

Go figure

PJ McIlvaine said...

Julie, I think the Ron Bass story is a joke. Check out the other stories at the site.

Julie Gray said...

@PJ - ya think? ;)

Benjamin said...

The battledolphinzero confirms what John Luke says. I am him, and he is not A-List. Although I've taken to saying I'm A-List ajacent since we got so many great comments from A-Listers on the site.

Therobotard8000 has several components that combine to churn out awesome comedy. I am only a cog.