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Monday, March 16, 2009

Voting on the Short Scenes

Hey Wavers - ballots are being stuffed. And I don't like it. If I don't see these votes evening out a great deal in the next couple of days, then unfortunately, we will have to disqualify the winner of this competition, for starters, and secondly, this may be it for short scene competitions. I am sorely disappointed that we can't seem to vote honestly. That is all.

Now get back to work.

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Luzid said...

How disappointing. There's no possibility it's just a runaway win?

DS said...

The first one doesn't scream at me or grab me.

I love the second one's cute ending.

The third one features amazing dialogue, makes me feel stupid and unintelligent. There's a sense of depth in this scene. Very 3-D.

Trina0623 said...

Silly wavers... don't they know Mama has eyes on the back of her head?