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Thursday, March 5, 2009

St. Paddy's Short Scene Competition

Okay guys - who feels like doing another short scene competition? Me! I do!

So you know the drill by now, or maybe you're new to TRW and you don't. Guidelines are below.

Keywords are:


Write a one page short scene that includes the keywords above. Put the words in context, and make it creative and clever. The words should be key in the scenes, not just a passing inclusion. Don't just slot them in there somewhere. Genre doesn't matter, just keep it to one page.

Please turn your short scenes in by Thursday, March 12th by 11:59pm Pacific Time. I will select the top three and post them here for voting on Monday, March 16th.

A $25 gift certificate to the online vendor (Starbucks, Amazon, etc.) or charity of your choice.

Entry Fee:
Don't be silly.

Submit your scene HERE.

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Désirée said...

Yes! Thank you! I love these competitions.

And no, I'm not buttering you up. You are a pro. It's not worth the trouble :-)

Just wanted to say thanks.

E.C. Henry said...

Julie, sorry I didn't enter this competion. Had a real cool idea for a one page scene, but I was real sick this week. Yesterday, I drugged myself up and didn't make it to watch "The Office" last night. "Kat and Kim" was a no-go to, and for some reason that show clicks with me. LOVE the two duffus guys in it and the SNL actress who plays Kat really pours her heart into each episode. She's a real scene stealer, and though I'm a guy -- at least I think I am, maybe I beter check... (joke)

Anyway, maybe next time. Hope you got some good entrys.


E.C. Henry