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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Subvert the Dominant Paradigm!

Documentary film is the ultimate way to explore what you're passionate about and get your film made. Docs are inexpensive to make, take months as opposed to years, and have many lucrative venues for distribution. Don't let no stinkin' studio dictate what we can and cannot talk about. Doc films are the way to go if you really want to make a difference.

Script Department partner Andrew Zinnes and his lovely wife Genevieve are teaching a documentary film making course February 9th and 10th here in Los Angeles. Rouge Wavers are eligible for a $50 discount. Just enter DOCDISCOUNT when you are on the payment page.


Learn how to get your documentary MADE, how to avoid the pitfalls of the industry and how to save time money and gray hairs with this intensive two day course.

Conducted by the authors of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook and the best seling The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series: Genevieve Jolliffe and Andrew Zinnes. Genevieve and Andrew are working filmmakers who have worked in both the narrative and documentary world for nearly two decades! Their docs have been seen on the MTV, PBS, BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Contact: Andrew Zinnes, 310-941-2168 or


When: February 9th-10th, 2008
Where: The Heart Touch Project, 3400 Airport Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405

Day 1: Saturday, 9am to 6pm:

Introduction: Students introduce themselves and share what they hope to get from the course as well as their projects and passions.

Concept: We explore the different genres of documentaries and discuss the assets and liabilities of each. We offer tips on refining the your concept into a working plan. We discuss pitching and strategies to make your project more attractive to funders. We advise on treatments, proposals, budgeting, and targeted audiences.

Funding: We talk about the various kinds of funding (grants, private equity, etc.) both foreign and domestic. How to approach funders. Fiscal sponsorship,etc. We advise on professional organizations and resources, specific grantmakers and strategies.

Legal: permits, releases, agreements, Fair Use, archival and musical material, etc.

Preproduction: planning and coordination, partnerships, access to subject, logistics

Production - Interview techniques, shooting basics, pitfalls, HD vs. HDV vs. Film, how to get deals, addressing problematic situations, etc.

Day 2: Sunday, 9am to 6pm:

Post-Production - editing, music, clearances, etc.

Film Festivals: recommended festivals for emerging filmmakers, strategies for acceptance, case studies: what wins what doesn’t, publicity, what to do when you are there, etc.

Sales, Distribution, & Marketing: the sales agent, the producer's rep, agreements, what to watch out for, alternative methods, etc. markets: pbs, educational, institutional, foreign, self-distribution strategies

Surviving as a doc filmmaker: how to make $$$ on your documentary, revenue/career-building options: production jobs, promotional docs, events, gov. and non-profit sectors, life stories, etc.

Workshopping: Discuss and develop individual student's ideas using what they have learned in order to help to move their projects forward.

Price: $299. Payments can be made via Paypal (see below, most major credit cards available here) or check prior to the event. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE to certain groups. Call 310-941-2168 for more information.

Checks should be made out to Crazee Pictures with The Documentary Film Makers Course written on the info line and sent to 9032 Hargis Street, Los Angeles, CA 90034. Please include your name, telephone number and e-mail address so a confirmation receipt can be sent to you! Contact us at 310-941-2168 if you have any further questions.


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1 comment:

The Other Pete said...

Any thoughts on similar programs/workshops in the east? As much as I'd love to attend, a trip to L.A. is a bit of a stretch.