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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are Studios Open on Saturdays?

This great post is from our friend John August, who always hits the nail on the head. First, here's the question:

When trying to sell a screenplay, does it have to be accompanied by a logline and/or a synopsis? Or will just handing someone a script suffice?

And I would also like to know the general work hours of movie studios. I want to maybe personally hand my work to someone at a studio since I am uncertain of whether or not they read unsolicited work; however, I have a very unflexible work schedule, and I usually get off late. Are studios open on Saturdays?

– Evelyn
New York City

...and click here to see John's response. It's good stuff.

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1 comment:

steveburks said...

Of particular note was John's declaration, that "No one wants to read your script. No one." I believe him, because I don't like reading them either. Joining a site that requires so many reads for a posting woke me up real quick.

Recently this issue led me to ask myself, "If no one is going to read what I write, then why bother writing it?" (I write for the purpose of communicating to others, not carpal tunnel.)

Then I came across Jhumpa Lahiri's comment, that writing cannot (meaning should not, I presume) come from a desire to be read. It nagged me. I didn't get it.

Now, I think it means that only the people who enjoy the process of story construction, for its own sake, and/or who enjoy reading their own work - and count themselves as an audience of one - can be fully happy as writers. Maybe I got her wrong, but that's how I've come to take it.

Not quite there yet, but given the ever-shrinking attention economy as you mentioned, an audience of one is the only guarantee. I like what Dennis Dugan said: "Put your head down and work as hard as you can to do the best job you can every day and you’ll end up with self-respect. That’s the truest and best, and you don’t have to ask for it. Trying to get it from anyone else is a complete waste of energy."