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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Silver Screenwriting Deadline Extension

Well, hello, Wavers! How is everyone this fine day? Sorry to be a bit absent - judging scripts takes a lot of focused time and Yoohoo. Also cupcakes. Busy busy busy judging and might I say - I LOVE a good title - when you're looking at hundreds and hundreds of scripts and you see a crazy/great title you think Oooh! I gotta see THAT one!

Also, this just in - we've extended our deadline until Sunday, May 10th for those last writers who were so close and yet not quite ready. Well, you now have exactly five more days. Well, more like four and a half. But. It's still possible to submit. So please do so if you haven't had a chance. And make sure you have an eye-catching title!

Back to judging - more news from the trenches later. Now get back to work.

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Benjamin Ray said...

Hi Julie,

How's the contest going?
Any surprises, you know in terms of finding a diamond screenplay?
Any good stuff lately?

Hey I might apply another script.
Thanks for the extension.


Stan said...

Speaking of titles... Julie, could you elaborate a little more on what's a good/great/eye-catching one? Besides, ahem, 'This Year's Grand Prize Winner'.